Could An Automated Wealth Management Solution Be Right For You

AI Investing

With banks currently pretty much asking you to pay them to utilise their services, many modern and open-minded investors are seeing that the rise of AI Trading Software is increasingly providing a solid solution to automated wealth growth.

Could an automated wealth management solution offering audited 2-4% ROI per month be right for you?

Modern Investing World

The fact is anyone who wants to grow their wealth should really be open to researching available options in this ever-changing investment landscape.

And in case you had not already seen or felt the change, the reality is we are seeing a massive move away from traditional banking and fx trading.

Let Down By Traditional Institutions

Many feel these systems have let them down and have therefore lost a lot of appeal due to very low-interest rates and an ongoing trust barrier that has been raised due to perceived negligence by many of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Maybe You Are One Of The Following

– An investor who is open to alternative investment solutions
– A family office that is seeking new ways in which to diversify your portfolio
– Current FX trader who is seeking to let an automated trading solution work on their behalf
– A hedge fund looking to diversify your portfolio or open a specific niche option to clients


The reality is whatever your background or experience in finance or investing, the prospect of ongoing 2-4% ROI is a seriously attractive proposition whoever the state of play in the markets.

Think About That…

2-4% ROI per month equates to 24-48% per year.

Now if I could tell you that there is a company out there with audited performance results that prove this data, would you be interested to know more?

So Who Are The Award-Winning 8topuz Wealth FinTech

The team at 8topuz have a massive amount of experience in financial markets, FX and general trading and has a clear vision that sets it apart from its competition.

8topuz is essentially born out of a deep desire to offer something more than simply fx trading and traditional investment options.

What Does 8topuz Actually Offer?

The talented team at 8topuz, have been working since 2009 with leading data scientists and artificial intelligence experts along with global technologists on a system that can learn high-frequency trading patterns (HFT’s) and act accordingly to consistently deliver returns that most traders and investors can only dream of.

Since 2016 the AI trading software algorithm that the team has developed has looked at back-tested data from over 10 years and has constantly proven audited data that shows delivery of between 2-4% average ROI per month.

Check out 8topuz Wealth FinTech for more information.



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