How Fintech Apps Make Impact Investing more Accessible

How Fintech Apps Make Impact Investing more Accessible

How Fintech Apps Make Impact Investing more Accessible

If you’ve avoided investing because it’s too expensive or you don’t think you have enough money, fintech will change your answer fast.

Today’s fintech apps make it easier than ever to invest whether you have only spare change or thousands of dollars to invest. In addition to removing the barriers to entry, fintech apps make it easier than ever to get involved in impact investing.

Here’s how.

You can Invest Easier

First, as we said above, there are fewer barriers to entry. Investors of all walks of life can invest. Whether you understand the market and want to follow it or you just want to set your investments and forget it, there are investment apps for everyone.

You can’t participate in impact investing until you find a fintech app that suits you and you start investing.

You Have More Options

Fintech makes it easier than ever for investors to see what they’re investing in. You’ll have lists of possible investments in front of you. This means you can do your research and know what you’re investing in rather than throwing money to a financial advisor and asking him/her to invest for you.

If there’s an issue your passionate about or a company you want to support because of their impact on the environment or society, fintech makes it possible.

You Don’t Need Large Investments

Oftentimes to invest in impact investments, you need a lot of money to invest. With fintech apps, you might invest in a cause that’s near and dear to your heart with just your spare change or a few dollars transferred to your fintech app every payday.

There’s More Information Available

When you work with an advisor, you rely on what he/she says about what’s available. When you work with a fintech app, everything is there in front of you for you to read and make decisions. You can do your own research too, making choices any time of day or night to change investments or choose specific fintech apps that specialise in impact investing like Tickr or Clim8 Invest.

Fintech Makes Impact Investing more Widely Known

Before fintech, impact investing wasn’t a popular topic. You invested in the stocks or bonds that performed well and that most everyone invested in – that’s just how it was done.

Today, everyone has a unique portfolio based on what a fintech app suggests and/or what the investor discovers himself. There is a lot more DIY and individual research going on that makes impact investing much more popular today than before.

Fintech Opened Many Doors for Impact Investing

If you want your money to do ‘do good’ rather than support companies that don’t support the environment or society, look for apps that offer impact investing.

It may require a little legwork on your part since impact investing is a personal decision, but it’s worth it in the end. If you know your money is helping companies that do good for the world and you’re growing your portfolio – it’s a win-win for everyone.