London Fintech Week Explained

London Fintech Week

London Fintech Week Explained

‘Financial technology’, otherwise known as ‘fintech’, is a rapidly growing industry and one set to be worth $309.98 billion by 2022. Fintech start-ups across the world raised $33.9 billion in 2019 across 1,912 deals according to research firm CV Insights’ annual report. And, with fintech unicorns such as Revolut valued at over $1 billion, it’s clear there’s a demand for fintech services such as digital transfers and currency exchanges.

International Fintech interest

Indeed, global interest is phenomenal. From the Hong Kong Fintech Week to the Singapore Fintech Festival, events take place across the globe to address all kinds of fintech topics.

London Fintech Week is one of the most notable occasions, gathering industry titans to dive deep into the latest developments in the sector. In its 7th consecutive year, London Fintech Week will run from 3-8 July 2020 at 8 Northumberland Avenue in the city and is expected to attract 2000+ attendees, 80+ speakers and 40+ industry leaders exhibiting.

What does London Fintech Week entail?


So, it’s a popular event. But what exactly is London Fintech Week and what does it entail. Well, Fintech Week is a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, hackathons, meetups and parties with each day focusing on a varied range of topics. If you’re not sure what a hackathon is, it’s essentially a sprint-like event in which software developers and tech experts meet to do collaborative computer programming. Hackathons provide an avenue for creativity and self-expression through technology and often result in exciting new ideas.

As an international event, fintech experts gather to engage in one of the world’s leading financial services ecosystems. With so many like-minded people in one place, London Fintech Week opens up the chance for advanced, provocative, educational and progressive networking opportunities and discussions. It’s also the chance for those in the fintech industry to share ideas and leave with a deeper industry insight that could impact business. Packed with key influencers and decision makers, there’s really no better place to get all those long-burning questions answers.

London Fintech Week – what’s the schedule?

There will be a whole lot going on during the week with the schedule looking like this:

3 July – Exclusive Lunch

4-5 July – Hackathon

6-7 July – London Fintech Summit

8 July – Women in Blockchain Meetup

9 July – Exclusive Awards Night and Closing Party

While some of the days are exclusive or for people with particular interests such as women in blockchain, the two-day London Fintech Summit is more diverse and encourages discussion across a wide range of fascinating topics.

Key topics for 2020

Key topics of discussion for 2020 will include, global financial developments, decentralised finance, the rising dominance of Chinese fintechs and the rise of neo banks. The march of tech giants into financial services will also be covered as well as the future of regtech (the management of regulatory processes within the financial industry through technology) and insurtech – which refers to technology use in the insurance world.

During the London Fintech Summit on the 6-7 July, there will also be many panel discussions with very interesting titles that are sure to stir up interesting debate. These include:

  • DeFi – Is it a fad, is it real, what does it mean?
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies – Who will be first?
  • Who will Rule the Banking of the Future? Fintech, BigTech or banks?
  • All About Data
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management – Do the Bots have it?
  • Millennials and Neo Banks – How are they changing finance?
  • How to Spot a Unicorn
  • Fintech and Financial Inclusion
  • Payment and Compliance
  • SMEs

The great thing about London Fintech Week is that you can listen to the talks and discussions which best suit your interests.

There will also be a number of ‘Great Debates’ during the Summit with one of the confirmed titles to date being ‘Facebook Libra and Private Currencies’. The Opening Remarks on 6 July will also address ‘London Fintech Post Brexit’. This is significant considering London is one of the biggest finance hubs in the world. Brexit has left the finance industry with many unanswered questions and now’s the time to find out more about the current climate.

London Fintech Week 2020 Speakers

As always, London Fintech Week welcomes a host of exciting global speakers that play a significant role within the fintech industry. Those taking to the stage will include:

Alastair Thompson – Global Head, Business BD & Partnerships at TransferWise.

Ali Islam Khan – Head of Business at Wemsol Private Limited

Brian Pallas – CEO & Founder at Opportunity Network

Caroline Thomas – Innovation Advisor at Objective Group

Dana Lunberry – Executive Director at Financial Inclusion Forum

Keith Grosse – Head of UK at Plaid

Janis Meyer-Plath – Co-Founder & CMO of Friendsurance

Dror Shapira – Founder & CEO at INVIOU

Julian Sawyer – Managing Director, Europe at Gemini

Justin Fitzpatrick – CEO at DueDil

With applications to speak at London Fintech Week still open for 2020, confirmed speakers will continue to be added to the list over the coming months.

How to make the most of London Fintech Week

There are many things you can do to make the most of London Fintech Week when attending. Firstly, make sure you’ve plenty of business cards as this will make networking a whole lot easier. Secondly, don’t forget to update your social media accounts with London Fintech Week insights as this will help to attract and engage your audience. Be sure to also send the relevant people to the relevant talks in order to maximise understanding. Knowledge learnt can then be shared with the rest of your team.

If you can’t make it to the London Fintech Week, you can still look out for updates. Speakers often post online, and attendees share video clips, images and useful quotes, so it’s worth following London Fintech Week influencers on Twitter and Instagram. You should also keep an eye on the official London Fintech Week website for updates such a recently added speakers and highlights from previous years.

London Fintech Week is an exciting event for those in the industry and one to watch for July.





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