The Hottest Fintech Start-Ups To Invest In 2020

The hottest fintech start-ups to invest in 2020

Fintech reached $55.3 billion in investments in 2019 and with the global fintech market expected to pin its worth at approximately $305.7 billion by 2023, it’s clear the industry is on the rise. Start-ups are contributing heavily to this growing economy, but what are the hottest fintech start-ups to invest in 2020?

AI fintech and machine learning

Fintech is up and running with AI driving significant industry developments. AI-enhanced fintech start-ups to keep on your radar include:

As an innovative software development company offering comprehensive asset management solutions globally, 8topuz stands out from the crowd. Dedicated to creating unique new technologies, 8topuz utilises AI and machine learning tools to identify new signals on price movements and to understand Big Data.

GiniMachine is a full-scale credit scoring platform that uses advanced machine learning algorithms and historical data to solve traditional credit scoring challenges. The system automatically builds, validates and deploys high-performing risk models.

Fintech blockchain

Blockchain is continuously disrupting the financial sector and enhancing fintech products. Hottest start-ups in this category include:

Having received over $26 million in funding, Securitize is a blockchain-enabled company that facilitates the capital markets by allowing traders to trade in private companies using trusted global solutions. The Securitize platform offers access to global capital in a compliant way and is integrated with multiple US-based marketplaces.

As a blockchain-based payments and rewards company, Radpay is one of the first blockchain start-ups to connect blockchain with PCI-compliant card payment and banking infrastructure. Offering quicker, more secure transactions, Radpay has the potential to improve margins by as much as 200%.

Dapper Labs focusses on the real-world potential of blockchain technology by integrating it into the gaming sphere. Delivering games powered by cryptocurrency such as Cryptokitties, Dapper Labs is redefining and shaping the blockchain industry and is constantly looking for investment to implement new ideas that can be enjoyed by the masses and not just tech experts or early fintech adopters.

Fintech Innovation

When it comes to investment, showcasing individuality and uniqueness will set you apart from the competition. Fintech firsts are taking the industry in an exciting direction with start-ups to look out for including:

Chipper Cash is the first and largest platform of its kind to offer instant, cross-border mobile money transfers in Africa. Committed to significantly improving access to financial services for over 1 billion people, all in-country P2P transactions on Chipper are completely free. Multiple money accounts can be connected to the Chipper Cash wallet and money can be transferred between accounts or paid to someone else.

Chipper is currently available in 6 African countries and is expanding at a rapid rate making it one of the hottest fintech start-ups to watch in 2020.

Lolli is the first Bitcoin rewards application that enables people to earn and own Bitcoin when they shop online. Simply make a purchase via a partner store and Bitcoin will land in your Lolli wallet. It’s as simple as that.

Fintech has come a long way with the listed companies being some of the hottest fintech start-ups to invest in 2020.

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