Top 10 Fintech YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

Top 10 Fintech YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

Fintech is a fascinating industry right now, and with new developments constantly happening in the sector, there’s always something new to learn. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to develop your understanding of the industry or a fintech expert wanting to take a more in-depth look at the digital finance and fintech landscape, you’ll want to check out these Youtube channels.

With so many great Fintech Youtube channels available, it was hard to pick just ten! However, we got there in the end. Here’s the list of ten we believe to be the best ones:

11:FS is the go-to Youtube channel for fintech lovers. Whether it’s banking and payments or tech and industry innovation, you’ll find regular videos covering all areas of fintech. You’ll also find stories and interviews from experts around the world.

  • IBM Fintech

Although the IBM Fintech Youtube channel doesn’t upload content regularly, they have a lot of fascinating content uploaded over the last ten or so years. You’ll find a wide range of content on the channel, including banking, regtech, payments, and more. 

Fintech Finance speaks to the key decision-makers in fintech to share the latest insights and developments in the field. With weekly video episodes discussing a wide range of topics, you’re sure to find a video to enjoy.

Fintech Worldwide is a market-leading global innovation network and events corporation focusing on fintech, blockchain, technology and social transformation. If you give their channel a watch, then you’ll learn all about the power of fintech and digital transformation.

The Finextra Research channel will bring you all the latest financial technology news and stories from around the world. With an extensive collection of videos, you’re bound to find a video that piques your interest. If you can watch one of their videos, then we highly recommend watching ‘Winning Partnerships and Building a Neo Bank’.

If you’re after weekly snapshot summaries of the latest fintech news, then this channel is for you. The Fintech Futures channel provides daily news, in-depth analysis and expert commentary across various fintech topics.

FinTech Magazine is a channel made for those interested or working in the banking, payments and financial services industry. With great thought leadership interviews and the latest case studies, you’re bound to learn something new and interesting.

This channel contains educational videos from the global fintech events Lendit holds. You’ll find talks and discussions from some of the leaders and innovators in the space that will leave you fascinated. We highly recommend watching the talk from Nikolay Storonsky, CEO and Founder of Revolut here.

PYMNTS Media provides short daily one minute videos on all things fintech related. If you want quick and informative videos that keep you updated with all the latest news, then you can’t go wrong with tuning into this channel.

This is another excellent channel for those interested in videos that discuss recent issues and directions in the finance industry. Watching this channel, you’ll discover profound insights into fintech topics that really matter today.