Top AI Trading Software

When it comes to trading, AI is revolutionising the trading and finance sector helping to identify trends and predict outcomes much more efficiently than any expert trader. Advanced AI technology is being integrated into the digital trading world at a rapid rate, enhancing the decision-making process considerably thanks to a careful analysis of Big Data. So, as the financial sphere continues to grow and evolve, here’s a rundown of some of the best trading software out there today.


VantagePoint is cutting edge software that uses AI to enhance the forex trading experience. It uses intermarket analysis to determine which markets and currencies have the most influence on a target pair. This leads to accurate short-term price and trend forecasts that consider numerous interrelated factors from interest rates to markets across the globe.


8topuz are an award-winning European AI FinTech company offering a supervised, multi-layered, AI trading software system that learns and adapts according to its environment, 8topuz is at the forefront of FinTech innovation. Their MT4 based AI trading software easily allows investors the chance to grow their wealth with audited 204% ROI per month, their service is ideal for experts and beginners alike, the 8topuz platform learns from Big Data, recognises patterns and can predict/react to future trends accordingly, helping to streamline the entire trading process.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas revolves around finding potentially profitable trading scenarios overnight. As an AI-powered robo-advisor and stock scanner, it uses an algorithm called Holly to analyse the previous market session and its effect on the previous 60-days trading, taking into account various factors such as long and short positions, cheap and expensive instruments, volume and such like. The point is to unravel and apply strategies with a higher probability of gaining alpha.
The software also allows users to take advantage of event-based back-testing. Essentially, it helps them discover the performance of certain signals, if they’ve been applied in the past.


TrendSpider is an AI-enhanced stock trading software that navigates users towards the most profitable trading opportunities. As a unique charting and technical analysis tool, it uses cloud-based AI to help traders find, plan and time their trades with greater accuracy and profitability. Special features include automated trend channel lines, a technical analysis heatmap tool and automated Fibonacci retracements.

iFlip’s AI

iFlip effectively uses AI to efficiently manage retirement and stock investments. Both maintenance and daily algorithms work to minimise risk and grow wealth over time. As intelligent software, iFlip’s AI scans millions of historic data points daily to adjust for risks and returns. This helps the system to buy, sell or hold stock positions. AI also allows for rule changes, on-demand trade execution and returns reporting.

GreenKey Technologies

With regards to AI for trading, GreenKey Technologies uses speech recognition and natural language processing technology to save traders time. In short, it prevents traders from having to search through conversations, financial data and notes, with the company’s AI-enhanced platform instead sifting through notes, market insights and trending companies – all in real-time.
AI is advancing all the time, with many traders now relying on AI technology to enhance their trading experience. Innovation is set to soar once again in 2023, so watch this space.

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