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10 Best Fintech Podcast To Listen To

10 Amazing FinTech Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your commute a little more entertaining or turn a gym session into an ultra-productive workout, podcasts are a great and efficient way to learn new things. In the FinTech space alone, there are many podcasts that will allow you to expand your knowledge of the industry and give you an insightful understanding of technology and how it’s impacting the financial world. In the list below we’re diving into what believe to be the top ten FinTech podcasts. 

Despite being a relatively new fintech podcast (it was started in June 2020), this podcast is already making waves. Hosted by Anthony Munns, he speaks to some of the leaders and pioneers in the FinTech space. Discussing various facets of FinTech, listeners will learn to understand the tactics, tools, and practices FinTech businesses are using to succeed. 

Hosted by a variety of FinTech experts, this podcast deep dives into areas that are disrupting the industry such as APIs, AI, and digital banking. Whether you’re a fintech expert or just looking to learn more about the industry, this a great podcast to listen to.

One of the most listened to FinTech podcasts out there, the host of Breaking Banks, Brett King, aims to explore the personalities, innovators, and industry players that are disrupting the financial services industry. 

Aiming to entertain and educate listeners on the world of FinTech, the London FinTech Podcast features guests from fintech startups and financial institutes around the UK. Each episode covers different topics such as digital wealth management, alternative finance and digital currencies.

Another relatively new podcast, this podcast was launched in March 2020 and is hosted by Alex Hamilton and Sharon Kimathi. Each episode dives into different trending topics, with guests sharing insights and opinions from their area of expertise.

Focusing on all things payments, this podcast allows listeners to learn and enjoy meaningful conversations regarding areas such as banking, payments, and cryptocurrencies.

Covering a variety of FinTech topics, this podcast looks to give listeners a deep understanding of both technology and finance. Founders, Investors, and Incumbents are invited on to the show to share their stories.

Hosted by top 5 banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, the Banking Transformed podcast features interviews with some of the best minds in banking and FinTech. You can expect to learn about the impact of digital disruption on the industry.

Payments on Fire covers the latest developments in payments and fintech. With interviews from opinion leaders and coverage of the latest news, you’re sure to gain a good insight into the FinTech industry.

If you’re after the latest and breaking news in FinTech, then FinTech Newscast could be for you.  With insight and analysis from a panel of finance and tech pros, this podcast looks at all aspects of FinTech developments.

Well, that’s our top 10! If you’re keen to expand your knowledge on the wide field of FinTech, then you can’t go wrong with these podcasts. So, plug in your headphones and get listening.