8 Fintech Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn Influencers

8 Fintech Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn Influencers

8 Fintech Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

Fintech is a fascinating industry right now, and with new developments continually happening in the sector, there’s always something new to learn. One of the best ways to stay on top of industry news and key conversations is to follow some of the industry leaders on LinkedIn. But which are some of the prime accounts to follow? Well, it’s difficult to narrow the industry down to a handful of “must follow” influencers, but here’s our best attempt.

Spiros is a venture capitalist based in Switzerland. He’s one of leading influencers in the fintech space with over 100k followers and was recently ranked as the Global No.1 Fintech Influencer of 2020 by Onalytica. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest AI and fintech news and stories, you’ll want to follow Spiros.

Theodora is the founder of Unconventional Ventures, a finance consultancy service. She’s a must-follow on Linkedin with the Onalytica report rating her as the No.1 Woman Influencer within the Fintech scene. Theodora is regularly sharing her thoughts on new developments and trending topics within fintech to her 16k followers.

If you’re involved in the fintech community, then you already know who Brett King is. The man has accomplished so much within the fintech space, and you’ll always find him appearing at the biggest fintech events. He currently has more than 37k followers on LinkedIn, and he always keeps his followers up to date with the most important trending topics.

Jim is a co-publisher of The Financial Brand and is one of the most acknowledged experts in the fintech space. His specialism lies in banking, and he regularly shares his expertise on the area through his LinkedIn page. On his page, you’ll find resourceful articles, reports and webinars all within the banking space.

Anne is the Founder and CEO of Starling Bank. Rated as the highest-ranked, UK-based female founder by NGP Capital in 2020, Anne is a fascinating character, and she’s certainly worth following on LinkedIn. She has nearly 60k followers and regularly discusses all things to do with banking on her page.

Efi is one of the most followed fintech influencers on Linkedin with over 185k followers. She is an expert in the field with a PhD in finance and a wealth of Wall Street experience. On her page, you’ll find her providing regular expert insights into all things fintech and blockchain. Efi is one of the highest regarded fintech influencers worldwide, and for a good reason, she offers fantastic insights and perspectives. 

Steve has a wealth experience in fintech and investment banking, from his background of working at Goldman Sachs. He’s now founder of Financial Technology Partners (FTP), an investment banking firm exclusively for fintech companies. Steve frequently shares reports on the most important fintech transactions, trends and insights on his LinkedIn page.

With 20 years of banking experience, Jean is an expert in all areas of banking. He has over 16K followers and regularly shares information with his followers about new opportunities and innovations in the fintech and insurtech sectors.